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Fresh applications are invited for admission under remaining quota for various branches of the our various courses in Paramedical Science and IT.

Our branches are available at Vadodara, Junagadha and Dahod in Gujarat. And also now available at Banglore for paramedical courses without any donation.

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MRI Technician

Interested in becoming a medical MRI technician? To join our institute and start your great new career as a MRI technician.

MRI technologists and technicians are responsible for using diagnostic imaging procedures to create pictures of the human body. These procedures use magnetic field waves to create these images, and must follow certain protocol and procedures in order to obtain a high quality image. MRI technologists typically work with physicians and nurses in a healthcare setting, and are only responsible for producing the images. Interpretation and analyses is conducted by other individuals in the department. All MRI technologists must complete a formal training program in order to receive certification. MRI technologist training programs are readily available at MRI tech schools and healthcare educational institutions

MRI technicians are responsible for maintaining a safe environment for patients, including screening patients for the presence of metal, which should never be brought into the MRI room. They must properly position patients for each exam. They must be able to work with claustrophobic patients, some of whom are sedated. Intravenous contrast is often used with MRI, and technicians must be able to insert IVs. Read more at Suite101: Become an MRI Technician: How to Start a Career in MRI