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X-RAY Technician

24 Months
Interested in becoming a X-Ray Technician ? To become a X-Ray Technician, you have to first train and receive an X-Ray Technician certificate or degree.
To become a X-Ray Technician, you have to first train and receive an X-Ray Technician certificate or degree. Working as an X-Ray Technician will offer you great earning potential. In fact, X-Ray Technicians jobs have been ranked as one of the most highest-earning professions in the medical arena. For years, diagnostic imaging and outpatient care has been a growing trend in the medical settings. Many medical procedures require the services of an X-Ray Technician. This career presents numerous areas of specializations - you can choose to concentrate in a specific area particularly the abdomen, breast, vascular technology, neurosonology, echocardiography, obstetrics, gynecology, and ophthalmology. When you become a certified X-Ray Technician, you will be tasked to create images of different human body structures that are commonly needed when diagnosing medical conditions. You also have to learn how to establish rapport with patients to lessen the anxiety they feel every time they undergo some invasive procedures. Some of the responsibilities includes collaboration with other health care professionals, performing ordered diagnostic imaging procedures, recognizing the need for further diagnostic evaluation if the need arises, and supplying oral or written technical findings to physicians to aid in determining the patient's medical prognosis. A career in X-Ray Technician is considered a dynamic profession and it has evolved dramatically over the past years. With the emergence of modern diagnostic technologies, more job opportunities have opened for interested individuals. Technically, the duration of sonography programs greatly vary depending on the chosen type of degree. It can range from as short as 6 months up to 2 years. As for the salary, X-Ray Technicians are enjoying a very competitive rate as compared to other health care professionals. Therefore, if you want a good-paying job with a great opportunity for career advancement start inquiring for an X-Ray Technician program that best suits you!