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Our branches are available at Vadodara, Junagadha and Dahod in Gujarat. And also now available at Banglore for paramedical courses without any donation.

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CT Scan Technician - II

24 Months
Interested in becoming a medical CT Scan technician? To join our institute and start your great new career as a CT Scan technician.

CAT scan technicians, also called radiologic technicians or technologists, perform diagnostic imaging on patients to help physicians treat and diagnose them. Technicians typically work in hospitals or private radiologic imaging centers.

CAT (computerized axial tomography or CT) scan technology refers to the specialized X-ray equipment and procedures used to conduct noninvasive computerized medical exams that are utilized by physicians to diagnose, evaluate and treat a variety of medical issues. CAT Scan Technologists are specifically trained to use this state-of-the-art computer technology to create images of the internal body parts of patients. They are ARRT-certified nuclear medicine, radiation therapy or radiography technologists who have completed additional training (advanced certificate) in CAT technology.