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Fresh applications are invited for admission under remaining quota for various branches of the our various courses in Paramedical Science and IT.

Our branches are available at Vadodara, Junagadha and Dahod in Gujarat. And also now available at Banglore for paramedical courses without any donation.

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Physiotherapy & Occupational Therapy

Interested in becoming a physiotherapy & Occupational Therapay? To join our institute and start your great new career as a physiotherapy & Occupational Therapay.

Physiotherapy basically deals with evaluating and maintaining the physical functions in a human body. They deal with your injuries, bone and healthy functioning of other body parts. Physiotherapy deals with your muscles, bone and other physical aspects. They are not involved in the mental or emotional wellbeing of the patient.

Occupational therapy deals with physical aspects, but only so far as they affect your capacity to do something that is related to your occupation or well being. They help you in doing things that are either related to your work or things that are needed for your welfare.

An occupational therapist is actively involved in the mental faculties of the patient. They work together with traumatized or mentally ill patients also. They work on issues like depression, stress and lack of motivation. The whole thing is targeted at making your experience on the job better. Occupational therapy focuses on understanding and improving the functional abilities of a person. An occupational therapist is not concerned with the physical injuries of a person.