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Our branches are available at Vadodara, Junagadha and Dahod in Gujarat. And also now available at Banglore for paramedical courses without any donation.

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Medical Lab Technician

12 Months
Interested in becoming a medical laboratory technician? To join our institute and start your great new career as a medical technician.

Medical laboratory technicians (also known as clinical laboratory technicians or medical technicians) prepare specimens for testing and perform manual lab tests to examine and analyze various body fluids and cells. They look for micro-organisms such as bacteria or parasites, and they analyze the chemical or hormonal content of fluids.

Lab technicians may perform general tests in all laboratory areas or choose a specialty, such as pharmacy, cytology, virology, hematology, blood banking and immunology, or microbiology.

Medical Laboratory Technicians help to support the work of medical technologists, to help identify abnormalities in the samples such as malignancies, bacteria, parasites, or genetic abnormalities. Medical laboratory technicians also may assist in blood-typing, or other routine blood tests.

Medical laboratory technicians do similar work but at a less complex level as medical technologists, as educational requirements for medical laboratory technicians are less than the requirements for medical technologists.